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Voice Intelligence

Conversations are stories, stories that we share of the experiences we've had from earlier in the day, last week, last year. They're engaging, emotional, and captivating. Conversations evolve through adaptive questioning based on what's being heard and thought, promoting an open and rich discussion.

By leveraging Voice Intelligence, organisations can enhance their research activities by generating insightful and powerful conversational data at scale without the need for a human moderator, at a fraction of the price.

What are the benefits of using Voice Intelligence?

Web XB's Generative AI driven, intelligent voicebot has been developed specifically to generate rich, insightful data. Our voice based, conversational bot transcribes and analyses conversations in real-time, utilising Generative AI for adaptive questioning based on what the interviewee says.

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Natural to humans

Humans are more engaged during a vocal conversation. We speak three times faster than we type, removing the opportunity for conscious filtering of the answer. Conversations also promote a stronger link to our subconscious thoughts.

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Deeper than surveys

Survey questioning is defined before the study. Voicebot questioning on the other hand is fluid and leverages Gen-AI to generate probing questions during the conversation. Enhancing data quality and insights.

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Increased interview efficiency

Interviewers can only interview so many people in a day, larger studies are time-consuming and costly. Our voicebot can simultaneously interview as many people as needed, dramatically reducing timeframes whilst maintaining data quality and richness.

How does Voice Intelligence work?


Voice Intelligence is fed an initial question set or discussion guide during setup.


The voicebot starts the conversation; asks questions and listens to responses.


The Generative AI engine transcribes and analyses responses in real-time.


Intelligent, adaptive questions are generated by the voicebot to probe topics and sentiment mentioned and expressed by the interviewee.


Once the conversation has ended, the full transcripts are made available for further analysis.

Need conversational data?

Get in touch to discuss how Voice Intelligence can enhance your research

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