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Web XB

Empowering Innovation

Who are we?

Web XB empowers innovation through deep, granular, data insights and sophisticated data collection. We remove barriers to improvement and innovation by leveraging disruptive technology.

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Data Collection

Web XB enables organisations to access rich, insightful data from real people, in relevant markets across the globe using innovative technologies.

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Data Tagging

Web XB provides market-leading data tagging to uncover, deep, granular, emotional insights across all types of qualitative, text data.

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Data Analysis

Web XB provides organisations with the clarity to understand behaviour and decision-making by crafting compelling stories using evidence-based insights. 

In the spotlight

Introducing the most advanced, conversational voicebot on the market.

Signalling a new era for research, generate rich and powerful conversational data with Web XB so you have the insights you need to empower improvement and innovation.

Powered by Generative AI and adaptive questioning, our voicebot can dive deeper than any survey with intelligent probing and human-like conversational capabilities.

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Want to partner with Web XB?

Partner with Web XB and power your new and existing products with our full suite of solutions.

Web XB has years of experience working with consultancies, agencies, and market research companies across the globe, helping them empower improvement and innovation for their clients with rich, powerful data and granular, emotional insights.


Get in touch to discuss your needs with Web XB.

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