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Emotional Intelligence

Data insights are more than just sentiment and topic modelling, it’s understanding what drives behaviour and decision-making. Web XB provides unmatched emotion tagging so you can answer the why.

By leveraging cutting-edge Hybrid-AI, Web XB unearths the emotional, contextual, and semantic nuances of human language so you can access deep, evidence-based insights to empower improvement & innovation.

Why is our tagging unique?

Web XB utilises a powerful Hybrid-AI engine that combines the power of AI with Human Intelligence (HI). HI is the ability to understand the nuances of human language, nuances such as emotion, context, meaning, and relevancy. Something that AI alone cannot understand. By combining the two, Web XB provides unmatched, emotional data tagging that enables you to access deep and powerful insights. 

A diagram explaining how hybrid ai is created

Need data tagging?

Get in touch to discuss your data tagging needs with Web XB.

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