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Web Scraping

The web is a treasure trove for rich and powerful data but it is not nearly utilised enough. Every day, millions of consumers are sharing their experiences with products, services, and brands and Web XB understands the value these data sources can bring to organisations.

What do we scrape?

Web XB leverages a powerful web scraping platform that can extract data from any publicly accessible source available on the internet. Our speciality is scraping data from e-Commerce websites and forums, but we can accommodate for all needs.



Consumers share their experiences with products, services, and brands every day. Access this rich data source to understand what drives brand switching, advocacy and loyalty.



Online communities like Reddit discuss and share their experiences with a wide variety of topics. Access this conversational data source to get a societal understanding of your unanswered questions.


Social Media

Globally, 500 million tweets are posted every day, a continuous source of insightful data. Access social data to track trending keywords and high-profile topics.

How does it work?

We XB provides a managed data scraping service. In other words, we'll do the work for you so you can sit back and relax. Here's how it work.


Get in touch with us, we'll swiftly respond and book in a meeting at your convenience.


We'll understand your data scraping needs in more detail. Such as, desired sources, metadata requirements and data quantity.


We'll send a quote based on your requirements along with estimated timeframes.


Sit back and relax whilst we collect the data you need.


We'll deliver your data through a secure file transfer. Or, take a look at our other solutions, we can help you understand your data.

Need data?

Get in touch to discuss your data scraping needs with Web XB.

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