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About us

Web XB leverages disruptive technologies to remove barriers and empower improvement and innovation. Our solutions are fine-tuned to help organisations at every stage of their data insight journey from data collection, to tagging and analysis.

Web XB’s vision is to become a go-to innovation partner for organisations aiming to inform and optimise strategic decision-making through innovative technologies.

About the Founder

Founded by Theo Davey, a young leader from Cornwall, UK. Theo has years of experience working with the biggest organisations in the world, helping them understand their customers emotionally to drive improvement and innovation. A Cornwall Thirty Under Thirty winner, Theo spent the past 5 years leading a global Text Analytics start-up and recently moved into the advisory space. His love for leveraging rich, online data, innovation and understanding how emotion impacts behaviour and decision-making were key reasons behind starting Web XB.

Who we work with

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Toluna empowers insights professionals to conduct research without limits through a single platform that unifies the best of technology, the best of research science, the best of global panel, and made-to-measure service to scale your business.

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Akumen supplies public and private organisations with a new type of intelligence, extracted from human conversations by their ethical-AI NLP software, that delivers a step-change in clarity and perspective to senior decision-makers and their teams worldwide.

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GutCheck - a Toluna company - adds an industry-leading suite of insights solutions and human-centric expertise to Toluna's cutting-edge research platform and quality global panel, opening up unparalleled research capabilities for clients seeking to understand their industry and people more deeply.

Strategic Innovation logo

Strategic Innovation are an innovation consultancy based in Cambridge that takes a holistic, systems view of innovation to draw together the perspectives of consumers, technology and business to develop profitable, sustainable propositions.


Obsurvant helps organisations across the globe understand their industries, audiences, and make more informed decisions with their unrivalled data quality and market research services.

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