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Data Storytelling

To unearth powerful, actionable insights to ignite improvement and innovation, you need to make sense of your data. Web XB provides organisations with the ability to create compelling stories to inform the decision-making process.

Web XB has years of experience solving the world’s biggest innovation challenges through insight story-telling, using emotion as the central cog in the data insights machine.

How can we help you with your data storytelling?

Whatever your needs are, Web XB can provide you with the means to make sense of your data. Our flexible analysis package is designed to accommodate all data insight setups so you can work with Web XB in any way that suits you.

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Connect to Web XB’s API to receive tagged data into your existing analytics platform as an additional deep, insightful data stream.

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Web XB Platform

Access Web XB’s powerful analysis platform for a deep, emotional insight journey. Leveraged and proven by the world’s most respected brands.

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Web XB Analysis

Don’t have the time to analyse? Let Web XB analyse your data for you, we’ll create you an evidence-based, emotional insight report delivered in PPT with your branding.

Need to tell your data story?

Get in touch to discuss your data analysis needs with Web XB.

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