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Global Audiences

To gain eye-opening, actionable insights, connecting with real people and relevant audiences across any demographic is critical. Web XB has access to 80+ countries across Europe, North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East so you can listen to the experiences of others no matter the market nor targeted attributes.

Why use Web XB to connect with global audiences?

Our commitment to delivering high-quality data from real experiences across the globe is a reason why we're trusted by market leading organisations. We pride ourselves in providing you with the data you need to gain a deep, emotional understanding of your consumers to empower improvement and innovation.

engaged respondents

targetable attributes

targetable markets

turnaround on projects

commitment to data quality and delivery

no minimum project size

Deepen the connection with global audiences with our other solutions

Leverage the full power of Web XB in conjunction with global audiences to further enhance data quality and emotional insight discovery to empower improvement and innovation.

Need to connect with real people across the globe?

Get in touch to discuss how Web XB can connect you with global audiences

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